FHA 203k Las Vegas Lender Information

The FHA 203k loan is a single close loan that helps Las Vegas home buyers fund the purchase of a home in as-is condition, and renovation of the home after closing.

Buyer’s can even finance up to 6 months of mortgage payments into the loan to forgo payments during the renovation.

The loan is an important tool for realtors and home buyers and has the power to revitalize neighborhoods, communities, and the local economy in the Las Vegas.

It can be used for both distressed and non-distressed properties and a 3.5% down payment that is based on the finished value of the property.

It is available for purchase and refinance.  Here are recent FHA 203k lender statistics for Las Vegas as reported by HUD.

Monthly Units Fiscal Year Total
October 2011 15 15
November 2011 14 29
December 2011 9 38
   Quarter Total 38
January 2012 8 46
February 2012
March 2012
   Quarter Total


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